Problem on updating to KDE 6.0

Nils Kassube kassube at
Mon Jan 31 08:52:54 UTC 2011

JK wrote:
> I have Maverick 10.10 installed in my laptop and everything was
> running fine. Yesterday I have added backports and updated the KDE
> from 5.5 to 6.0. 

That's KDE 4.5.5 / 4.6.0, isn't it?

> All the updates were applied. But on restart it
> says it could not open the theme file. I am in a dilemma. This is
> being sent using my PC/windows. Anybody please suggest how can I
> login bypassing the theme loading as said or using/installing
> another desktop other than KDE

Sorry, I have no idea what to do about the theme file problem, but if 
you want to return to the older working KDE version, this is how I would 
do it:

I'm not sure if you get the KDM screen - from there you can get a 
terminal to login with Ctrl-Alt-F2. Otherwise you could use the recovery 
mode from the grub menu. After login I would install the xubuntu 

sudo apt-get install xubuntu-desktop

Then you should be able to login to the xfce desktop (change the session 
type in the display manager) and start the synaptic package manager. On 
the lower left select the "Origin" button and click on the line which 
should read something like "maverick-backports/main". Then you should 
see the new KDE packages on the upper right list. You can mark them all 
for complete removal and repeat it with packages from the other 
maverick-backports repositories. Then click on the "Custom filters" 
button at the lower left and select the "Marked Changes" line above. 
Check that no vital things for the xfce desktop are marked and finally 
hit the "Apply" button. After the packages are removed, go to the menu 
"Settings" -> "Repositories" and uncheck the backports repositories. 
Click the OK button, then click the reload button. Now search for the 
package "kubuntu-desktop" and mark it for installation. That should 
bring you back the older KDE version, if you finally hit the "Apply" 

Disclaimer: I didn't try this myself, so I may have forgotten something 


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