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Helder Terra at
Fri Jan 21 14:08:45 UTC 2011

Ever since I installed Kubuntu Mavrick, I noticed that the desktop effects come disabled by default. If I go to system settings and click to activate them, I get a message telling me that its being block by other applications, and that I should press alt+shift+F12 to re-activate the effects. Also, whenever I chanced the color mode of KDE, the effects turned back on by automatically (but turned off too once the computer as restarted).

So, by the time it happened, I thought it was because of my computer configuration somehow, or that maybe it was some program I've installed.

But this week, I've installed it in another computer (at work instead of my personal at home), one that is far newer than my home's, and I've got the same message again.

Is there a way turn the effects on by default on startup?


Helder Terra
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