Kontact and Google

Pascal Francq pascal at francq.info
Mon Jan 17 22:59:28 UTC 2011

Kontact just does not update the calendar, but does ask any password.

On lundi 17 janvier 2011, Waleed Hamra wrote:
> On 01/17/2011 06:41 PM, Pascal Francq wrote:
> > Hi,
> > I have to change the password of my Google account which I use to store
> > my calendar and my contacts. But, I do not find where I can change this
> > password in Kontact.
> > Thanks.
> not sure about kontact, but i would assume it must use a similar
> behavious to thunderbird. in thunderbird, if the google password is
> changed, TB tries logging in and fails, so prompt me for a password, if
> the login succeeds using new password, it saves it, replacing the old.
> hope this helps.


Dr. Ir. Pascal Francq

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