problems with ybook e-book reader with wine

Nigel Henry cave.dnb2m97pp at
Sun Jan 9 10:34:13 UTC 2011

On Sunday 09 January 2011 01:59, Billie Walsh wrote:
> On 01/08/2011 02:01 PM, Nigel Henry wrote:
> > On Saturday 08 January 2011 19:58, Alan Dacey Sr. wrote:
> >> On Saturday, January 08, 2011 01:15:26 pm Nigel Henry wrote:
> >>> I'm trying to use ybook e-book reader with wine. It installs ok on
> >>> Hardy, and Intrepid, and will load a book ok, but the book does not
> >>> display, just a black background on the reader.
> >>>
> >>> According to wine hq appdb, it should work fine, with 2 entries for
> >>> platinum status, and one for gold.
> >>>
> >>> Has anybody here tried it, and got it working with wine?
> >>
> >> Why are you fooling around with yBook on wine?  I just checked out the
> >> website and it looks like a simple utility.  I've been using Calibre [1]
> >> for a couple of years now and think very highly of it.  an older version
> >> is in the repositories but the latest is a simple Install with a copy& 
> >> paste to the command line [2].  It reads everything and keeps track of
> >> all your ebooks too.  Searches are very fast and I've never had a
> >> problem reading an ebook in any format - lit, epub, pdf, rtf, to name a
> >> few.
> >>
> >> Alan
> >>
> >> [1]
> >> [2]  sudo python -c "import urllib2; exec
> >> urllib2.urlopen('').read(
> >>); main()"
> >
> > Hi Alan.
> > I was a bit put off with Calibre seemingly wanting really up to date libs
> > that Hardy hasn't got, but I'll take a look at the earlier versions.
> > Perhaps I can get it installed on Hardy.
> >
> > Being on dialup, I've got a bit tired of downloading iso's, otherwise I'd
> > get the latest LTS version of Kubuntu installed.
> >
> > Thanks for the suggestion.
> >
> > Nigel.
> If all you want/need is a simple e-book reader "FBReader" is in the
> repositories. No fancy bells and whistles but it works.

Yes. I had installed FBReader, which works ok, and have now fixed the non 
working ybook reader. It appears that it's unable to use the default of using 
textured pages with wine. Having fiddles with wine for ages, I tried 
unchecking the use textured pages, and the ebook sprung into life. The text 
had been there all the time, but black text on black background, you know.

I'm also downloading an earlier version of Calibre, 0.6.29, and will have a go 
at installing Calibre on Hardy. I'd like to see how it compares to the ybook 
program, which only works with html, txt and a couple of other formats, no 

Ill post back if it successfully installs on Hardy.


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