1. Re: 5. Re: single user mode (Hans Henry von Tresckow), (Bruce Marshall)

Bruce Marshall bmarsh at bmarsh.com
Sun Jan 9 17:38:23 UTC 2011

On Sunday, January 09, 2011, Brian Wootton wrote:
> It means that from boot-up the single user prompt comes on screen, I get 
> as far as
> typing in a userid and a few characters of the relevant passwd then KDE
> blots this out with the 'windows' multi-login  box, and I can only log 
> in to the
> full multi-user OS
> I see no sign of a grub menu. Aside from this, does 'telinit 1' work on 
> your 64 bit machine?
> brian

Don't know why you want to get into single user mode....  you might mention 

I just did the following:

got the GRUB menu
did a normal boot
got to the KDM login screen
did a CTL-ALT-F2   (I think I told you  CTL-F2)
got console login prompt
logged in as normal user
did:   sudo  telinit 1

As far as I could tell (there must be a way) I was at runlevel 1.  KDM was no 
longer running which is a good indication.  Lots of msgs on the screen as to 
things being shutdown, etc.

Should work.

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