How to back-up my mobile phone address book via Bluetooth or otherwise?

Bas Roufs basroufs at
Fri Jan 7 17:46:29 UTC 2011

Hello Sinclair and Everybody

>>>> At present I still do not manage to copy the phone numbers and
>>>> addresses from my mobile to my laptop via an external usb Bluethooth
>>>> dongle.

>> Via the regular repos, I have installed Wammu and dependencies.....

> Have you tried connecting the phone using the 2 different "languages" suggested by Wammu?
So far, not. Pls. briefly explain how exactly to find those languanges
and how to activate them.

> Did you also try usb cable (if you have a such to your phone)? In my experience this still
> works better than bluetooth in many cases.

I do have such a cable, so  I have tried it also via that way. The
result is still exactly the same: connection with the phone, but still
no possiblity to retrieve the address book.

Any other clue?

Thanks, respectfully yours,


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