Shutdown pauses when others are connected

Bruce Marshall bmarsh at
Fri Feb 25 18:02:48 UTC 2011

On Friday, February 25, 2011, Homer wrote:
> > But that's a console login, right? Not an SSH session...
> Right.  As the other person suggested, if while sitting at "A" and
> logged into "B" I then issue a "shutdown -r now" command, machine B
> will reboot.  If instead I log in as just described, then walk over to
> B and shutdown using "K -> Leave -> Restart" I get the message box
> described in my previous post.
> I found some discussion on this on the bug lists, but those
> discussions related to the timing of the message, not how to disable
> it.  It does seem to be buggish as the message occurs well into the
> shutdown process, and selecting cancel requires entering the password
> again.

So why do you want to negate what is obviously a protection against shutting 
down a machine that has 'users' logged in??    

Linux is, after all, a multi-user system.   

(just think Windows....  "Do you really want to do this??")  Just kidding.

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