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MALLAMIBRO mallamibro at
Tue Feb 22 12:58:58 UTC 2011

I am writing this letter on behalf of residents of Tsamiyar Boka Bus
stop in Hotoro Quarters, Kano - Nigeria, to beg for your intervention
in preventing a possible disaster that is being ignored by the
authorities concerned.
There is a block of shops at Tsamiyar Boka Bus stop located in Hotoro
Quarters in Nassarawa Local Government Area of Kano State in Nigeria.
Among all the shops in the area, the ones built by one Alhaji
Abdullahi Sammani were built without any regard for normal safety and
structural considerations.
Right from onset, the shops were built without proper foundations and
support pillars. All efforts to get the local regulatory agency
(KNUPDA) to take action then, failed.
In 2009, the landlord now went ahead and started erecting a top floor
to the already unsafe structure, we confronted him about the possible
dangers and illegality of his actions but he boasted that he had the
approval of the relevant agencies. This prompted us to send a
complaint to KNUPDA who investigated and confirmed the claims we made.
But no visible action was taken.
We next sent a complaint to the Nigerian Institute of Builders (NIOB)
who also sent a high level team to investigate, they also confirmed
the weak structural base and poor quality materials used. But
unfortunately, up to this moment, nothing has been done and have heard
the landlord boasting that he'll go ahead with his storey soon.
The rains will soon be here and this structure is simply a death trap
waiting for when to collapse.
We are using this opportunity to appeal to you to use your good
offices to help us appeal to all the relevant agencies responsible for
enforcing building safety regulations in the country to intervene in
this issue and save our community from a disaster that is avoidable.
It is very baffling that after confirming our claims, KNUPDA and NIOB
have swept the matter under the carpet.
Please, help save us from this blatant disregard for human lives/properties.

Ibrahim K. Oyekanmi
On behalf of concerned residents

We have started an onlline petition on the issue at :

please, we need your intervention to in all possible ways to ensure
the authoritities take appropriate action.

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