Effects vs. Screen performance

Georgi Kourtev gkourtev at gmail.com
Fri Feb 18 16:16:12 UTC 2011

Hello friends,

Since quite awhile I have a continuous problems with the desktop effects (which 
I like a lot) and the screen performance.  Although my PC is quite OK in terms 
of graphical card. processor speed and so on, but as soon as I enable the 
desktop effects the screen refresh rate becomes so slow that I need often to 
minimise the window to get what is inside...

This issue appeared after I had 10.04 installed and onwards (currently I am 
with 10.10).  It was not the case with previous versions of Kubuntu. Some 
people suggest to simply disable the effects, but I like the KDE effects and 
would like to keep them running.

I'll appreciate if some can share ideas on how to solve this once and forever.  

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