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rajubhai ramvani rajuramvani at
Tue Feb 15 13:42:06 UTC 2011

dear sir
i am using kubuntu 9.04.when i am updating kubuntu 9.10 then message is
displaying "*the upgrade need a total of 1578 m free space on disk "/"
please free at least an additional 838 m of disk space on "/" empty your
trash and remove temperary disk space on "/' empty your trash and remove
temporary packeges of former installations using "sudo apt-get clean"*. sir
how can i solve the problem i cant update my give me a solution. in my
pc  there are two os .window and kubuntu.kubuntu is in E drive and there
already 17 gb free space so why pc required free space and how can i do
this.i was gone in terminal and typed SUDO APT-GET CLEAN.but pc asking
password and i am entering password but pc asking ubuntu password and
displaying is sudo apt get clean not found.hellp me.
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