missing distribution lists KAdressbook

O. Sinclair o.sinclair at gmail.com
Thu Feb 10 11:43:32 UTC 2011

On 09/02/2011 17:48, Bruce Marshall wrote:
> On Wednesday, February 09, 2011, O. Sinclair wrote:
>> Did upgrade to KDE 4.6 SC on Kubuntu 10.10. For the umpteenth time the
>> distribuiton lists went missing...
>> As far as I can see I have one akonadi-resource for adressbook that is
>> to be used for both contacts and lists and they disappear EVERY time I
>> upgrade KDE.. or so it feels at least.
>> anyone has an idea of where to start cause I am tired of recreating them
It also seems new Groups/lists no longer works.

I have been to userbase.kde on KAddressbook and akonadi, I have google, 
I have been to kubuntuforums. Nothing I have tried so far works.

here is what happens when I want to use a new Group (my old ones are all 
* OK, I go to kmail, new message, and on the right of the address slot, 
I click on "select". Then ah! it seems I can select e.g "Family" (now 
it's called a "distribution list"). I click "Add", and now my recipient 
is  "Family"...
I send the message...

it doesn't work: I immediately get an email saying:
  <Family at my-laptop>: Recipient address rejected: Access denied

Am I the ONLY one on Kubuntu 10.10 w KDE 4.6 seeing this behaviour??

kind regards,

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