Standard (KDE) key-bindings (Georgi Kourtev)

Michael Hirsch mdhirsch at
Tue Feb 8 19:06:01 UTC 2011

On Sat, Feb 5, 2011 at 8:37 AM, Brian Wootton <Brian.Meg at> wrote:
> On 05/02/11 12:00, kubuntu-users-request at wrote:
>>> I know the info is probably under my nose but I can't find
>>> >  anywhere the expanded listing for the Function keys, can
>>> >  anybody point me in the right direction:
>>> >  >
>>> >  ---------------------------------------------------------------------------
>>> >  -----------------------
>>> >  >  *General*Ctrl*  keys*
>>> >  >  *Ctrl*+*A
>>>  >  Select
>>> >  *Ctrl*+*PageDown*
>>> >  Move to the lower part in the current directory.
>>> >  >  *Ctrl*+*F1..F12*
>>> >  Standard (KDE) key-bindings.
>>> >  >  *Ctrl*+*Shift*+*F1..F12*
>>> >  Standard (KDE) key-bindings.
>>> >
>> Did you try System Settings ------>  Shortcuts and Gestures?
>> gk
> Yes, amongst a lot of other places, couldn't see them there or anywhere
> else, hence this query.

It would be nice if there were just one place to find this, but it
isn't quite that simple.

System Settings ------>  Shortcuts and Gestures shows you three icons:
"Custom Shortcuts", "Standard Keyboard Shortcuts", and "Global
Keyboard Shortcuts".  The keybindings are distrubuted among these 3
things, each with several sub-categories just to make this more

If you don't see this, then you need to fix you systemsettings tool.

Many of the settings are in the standard shortcuts which is also the
easiest to understand.  These are apparently the shortcuts that are
used by all KDE apps.  You can click on the "Shortcut" column to sort
by shortcut which helps find the one you want.

Most of the bindings are in the global shortcuts.  Unfortunately,
these are broken up into different KDE components.  So, if I am
looking for, say, Control-F1, which is bound to "Switch to Desktop 1"
on my machine, I have to go through the different components before I
find it in the KWin settings.

There is also "Custom Shortucts" that I've never had to deal with.


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