maverick: Firefox back/forward buttons

Reinhold Rumberger rrumberger at
Tue Feb 8 00:36:40 UTC 2011

On Dienstag 08 Februar 2011, 00:50:28, D. R. Evans wrote:
> Reinhold Rumberger said the following at 02/05/2011 12:11 PM :
> > On Samstag 05 Februar 2011, 19:11:20, D. R. Evans wrote:
> >> On my wife's maverick system (but not on mine), the Firefox forward/back
> >> buttons are missing.
> >> 
> >> After some investigation, it seems that they are present, but of zero
> >> size (i.e., it's as if FF can't find or simply isn't displaying the
> >> icons). If I set the toolbar to [icons + text] then the buttons are
> >> present and usable: it's just that there is no icon on them. Googling
> >> seems to show that this is not an unheard-of problem (although why it
> >> should occur on onely one of the three maverick systems here is a
> >> puzzle), but I haven't been able to find a fix that works.
> >> 
> >> So, does anyone know how to get the forward/back icons to appear?
> > 
> > You need to install gnome-icon-theme
> I installed it, logged out, logged back in and started FF, and nothing
> seems to look any different :-( In particular, the back/forward icons are
> still missing.

I'm pretty sure that's what fixed it for me. The reason for this was something 
about firefox hardcoding the icons' exact names an someone changing the 
location of the 'ltr' in the icons' names (or something similar) in the name 
generation algorithm in GTK and subsequently in the icon's names themselves.

Anyway, since I can't remember the exact keywords I used to actually find info 
on this, here's how to do it yourself:
Open a konsole and start firefox (make sure no other instance is running 
first!). Firefox should then output a lot of GTK warnings about missing icons. 
Use one of them to formulate a meaningful google query.

It might help to install the hicolor-icon-theme, I'm not sure about that, but 
I guess it is worth a try.

PS: I believe I saw a launchpad bug for this, but I can't find it right now.

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