Setting grub on cd

reini rrumberger at
Thu Feb 3 16:38:05 UTC 2011

On Donnerstag 03 Februar 2011, 12:15:12, uriah heep wrote:
> I have to have a dual boot system because some programs I need do not have
> equivalent Linux programs or will not export in a format that windows users
> can use. But when ever windows screws up my Linux install is also screwed.
> Could some one kindly point me to simple documentation to install grub to a
> CD in a manner so I can keep the OSes from disabling each other?

The usefulness of this reply will depend on your use of windows (especially 
how much/often):
I have a similar problem since Visual Studio only runs on Windows and I'm 
forced to use it. Because of this, I have a Windows VM which runs VS and 
cohorts. This has the advantage of me being able to use both Windows and Linux 
in parallel.
Obviously stuff like 3D graphics don't work so well, so if you want to play 3D 
games, this won't help much.

Just something for you to think about...


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