Permissions problems are being a huge PIMA

gene heskett gheskett at
Wed Feb 2 00:07:00 UTC 2011

On Tuesday, February 01, 2011 06:50:46 pm gene heskett did opine:

> > Something Tom (and me, too, before) forgot are tmp directories. Try
> > the following command and see whether that helps:
> > sudo chown -R gene.gene {,/var}/tmp/*gene*
> Got that too.
> > The background being that both X and some other programs like to keep
> > temporary files and would probably like permission to actually do
> > so...
> > 
> > :-P
> > 
> > Whether this will help depends on whether your /tmp is cleaned on
> > every boot, but it definitely shouldn't hurt.
> > 
> > You may also want to remove all the different *auth* files in your
> > home directories to re-initialise the different authentication
> > cookies.
> Which I should do.  Except an ls -laR|less and 10 minutes scanning a
> loooong list didn't disclose that I had any.
> > Also, running another "chmod -R gene.gene ~gene/" after the reboot
> > probably won't hurt as some program may still have been running with
> > the old credentials and might have saved some config using them.
> I'll keep that in mind.
> >   --Reinhold
> Thanks for that heads-up Reinhold, I found a couple more places in /etc
> where I was still user or group 1000 & fixed those too.
> /etc/samba/smbpasswd was one of them.

Continuing the saga of a self-destructed system, today being decent, I 
thought I would go carve on some alu bits & pieces for my automated powder 
scales second generation design.

1. when I logged in, x wouldn't run, so I looked to see if I had an 
/etc/xorg.conf, but I didn't, other than old backup copies, so I copied it 
to xorg.conf and edited it to replace the 'vesa' driver with the ati, which 
may have been my mistake, but it turns out that the box is now running at 
about 2% of its former speed when emc is running.  Bear in mind I changed 
it to see if the ati/radeon driver was any better, but it is far worse, 
dozens of times slower than the vesa driver was 2 weeks ago.

So, i need to go back to the vesa driver, but that also is acting like its 
a 25mhz 386sx.  Keyboard responses are typically 2 seconds to recognize a 
keydown, and maybe 3 secs to recognize a keyup, with a similar lag between 
the keyup, and another keydown else there is no respnse at all.  Mouse 
clicks similarly lag, and the screen update itself is another 2 to 4 

This is probably related to my converting the usernums to start at 500, so 
at this point I'll check just about everything that might be germain to 

So, suggest away folks!


Cheers, Gene
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