KDE 4.8 RC1

Mark Fraser ubuntu at mfraz.orangehome.co.uk
Sat Dec 31 12:19:16 UTC 2011

On Saturday 31 Dec 2011 11:18:31 Mark Greenwood wrote:
> On 31 Dec 2011, at 09:01, O. Sinclair wrote:
> > In the kubuntu beta ppa for 11.10 you can now find packages for 4.8.RC1
> > also called 4.7.95
> > 
> > Be careful before you install these. I took a system backup using
> > Remastersys and made a full backup of my /home directory (that I keep on
> > a separate partition).
> > 
> > On login the CPU went haywire as virtuoso-t now decided to start
> > reindexing everything, KMail removed my filters (oh btw export your
> > filters first) and started behaving weird on my 4 pop3-accounts.
> > 
> > The Folder View widget made Plasma Desktop crash as soon as I tried to
> > change any settings (the folder contents were not shown).
> … There was a conflict with 'plasma-widget-kde-observatory' on installation
> which caused apt-get to bomb out, leaving it half installed. This took me
> 2 hours of swearing to fix and I still don't think it's quite right … It
> crashed when I first started it up because it had uninstalled the theme
> for the login dialog (which I hadn't changed from the default and which
> now seems not to exist anywhere) ….I can't reinstall 4.7.4 because
> ppa-purge cannot resolve the conflicts (presumably something to do with
> the above)
> … approach with caution. KDE is getting worse with every release.

Not having any of those problems, but I seem to be unable to run Amarok as it 
doesn't show in the system tray even though I had that setting enabled and 
there is an entry in System Tray Settings called 

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