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Mon Dec 26 20:31:12 UTC 2011

Glenn Holmer wrote:

> There seems to be a lot of confusion about all of this. Where can one
> find a good, detailed description of what exactly Nepomuk, Akonadi,
> Strigi, Virtuoso, Soprano, &c. are, how they are interrelated, and how
> they are used by KDE?

Nepomuk / Akonadi is part of a paradigm known as the Semantic Desktop.

Semantic Desktop's goal is to index, share information, and enable tagging
all across diverse applications (and file types) on your computer.

I'm no expert, in fact I'm not even a user of Nepomuk / Akonadi. I'm still
running Kubuntu 8.04 on my desktop computer, and I run Debian Squeeze on
my laptop.

My only interest in Nepomuk was how to turn it off in my Debian install,
permanently. I don't even use file indexing, so you might imagine how
little use I have for this piece of software.

All that said, I am an out of step with the crowd kind of person. If it
worked properly, I'm sure that many users would find  Nepomuk / Akonadi /
Semantic Desktop to be the very best thing since sliced bread.

Here are some links that might explain it better:

Tony Sivori

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