No workspace after upgrade to KDE 4.7.4

Loïc Grobol loic.grobol at
Thu Dec 22 14:15:32 UTC 2011

Hey, thanks a lot,

I had indeed activated the beta ppa, but as far as I can see,
commenting it out did nothing. apt-get safe-upgrade doesn't seem to be
a valid command (mistaken for aptitude safe-upgrade, perhaps?),
upgrade only installed some amarok packages and kde-workspace can't be

> sudo apt-get install kde-workspace
  Les paquets suivants contiennent des dépendances non satisfaites :
   kde-workspace : Dépend: kde-workspace-bin (>=
4:4.7.4-0ubuntu0.1~ppa1) mais ne sera pas installé
 E: impossible de corriger les problèmes, des paquets défecteux sont
en mode « garder en l'état »

kde-workspace depends of kde-workspace-bin (>=
4:4.7.4-0ubuntu0.1~ppa1) but will not be installed
E: can't solve issues, corrupted(?) packages are in “keep as is”(?) mode

2011/12/22 Thomas Olsen <thomas at>:
> On Thursday 22 December 2011 14:23 Loïc Grobol wrote:
>> Hello, all
>> I have made the upgrade from the ppa and saw it deleted
>> plasma-workspace. I supposed it was for some kind of replacement so I
>> didn't bother. But now all I get when logging to gui is a black screen
>> with the mouse pointer only. I logged to a terminal and try to install
>> back plasma. apt-get won't do it and doesn't find kde-workspace
>> either.
>> I obviously want to get back some gui, so any help would be greatly
>> appreciated.
> Did you happen to have the beta ppa enabled? I saw that it was to do the same
> and traced it down to that. If you can't get to a console using Ctrl-Alt-F1
> then boot up in recovery mode.
> Edit /etc/apt/sources.list.d/kubuntu-ppa-beta-oneiric.list
> and comment out the repository:
> # deb oneiric main
> Run 'sudo apt-get update && sudo apt-get safe-upgrade' followed by 'sudo apt-
> get install kde-workspace' [*] and reboot. Your "upgrade" probably deleted
> some other packages you will need to re-install.
> [*] If you're booted in recovery mode 'sudo' isn't necessary.
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> Med venlig hilsen / Best Regards
> Thomas Olsen
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