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Alvin <info at> wrote:

>On Saturday 17 December 2011 20:46:38 Steve Riley wrote:
>> I suspect some of bloat, and a contributor to the claims that KDE
>> slow," has to do with the sheer number of databases. I'm
>experimenting with
>> building a KDE system by hand. So far, three separate databases are
>> installed:
>> * MySQL for Akonadi
>> * Sqlite for Quassel
>> * Virtuoso for Nepomuk
>> Quassel is hardcoded to depend on Sqlite. Akonadi can be switched to
>that as
>> well, but some docs on warn against that, claiming
>performance will
>> suffer. Nepomuk is similarly wedded to Virtuoso through Soprano.
>> there has to be a better way.
>You forgot *Digikam* and *Amarok*.
>I'm running quassel in the client-server setup with postgres as
>backend, left 
>Amarok alone and use postgres for Akonadi.
>Unfortunately, that doesn't help much. Virtuoso is the real offender
>here. I 
>don't understand what it indexes. Search in Kmail doesn't work anyway.
>never returns any results.
>I'm in the same boat as O. Sinclair. I /like/ Kontact (and even the
>idea). The features are perfect, but the bugs are too numerous and
>is very, very bad.
>Here's to hope!
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Nepomuk isn't the database, akonadi is using an embedded mySQL DB, but can use normal mySQL. (not that this is any less confusing)
I looked at using sqlite for akonadi but it was buggy as hell, and no good way to convert between DB's.

Has anyone upgraded to 4.7.3 or .4? With the exception of spam filters, ask of my many errors and warnings are now gone with the recent nepomuk updates.
Clay Weber
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