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On 17 Dec 2011, at 05:50, O. Sinclair wrote:

> This is, for starters, not a rant. I have little use for the whole concept of the semantic desktop but I do get the possible advantages of it. Once it works.
> At this moment however it seems lost. I open "find" in Dolpin and search for "current" as in "current state" or whatever and get x number of mp3 files and such that has nothing at all to do with current. Have no idea where Strigi and friends pick up "current" from Swedish band Kent and their songs from the album "Röd" (red).

If you disable Strigi, the find functionality reverts to the way it used to do it which, unsurprisingly, works.

> The other main complaint: why the constant reindexing? I just found Nepomukindexer chewing 25% CPU indexing pdf files in a folder I have named "manuals". Where I have not changed or even OPENED a file for months. And that is despite the indexer claiming to be "done" now and then.

This simply has to be a bug. It does it to me too. I have disabled Strigi by simply disabling it in system settings and I haven't noticed it doing anything unusual recently.

> Can anyone please explain how it works and what is the main problem at the moment?

It is *supposed* to allow you to search file names, contents, metadata etc all from the same place - like a Mac does, only slower and less reliably. However at the moment it appears to be a disjointed hodgepodge of badly designed components that aren't finished and have never been tested. It simply doesn't work and should never have been included in a distribution release. This stuff ought to have been made available through a 'testing' ppa while the main release was released free from nepo-strigi-muk. 

I'd like to add that of course, new features always seem to breed a lot of resentment, especially in the linux world - people don't seem to like change. However this nepomuk/strigi thing is not one of those times when people have a rant for a while and then get over it. This is pure and simple bad software that doesn't work properly and really screws up our systems for the things we do day to day. If there is anyone in the KDE world leading this whole project, then they should be thrown over a barrel and whipped with sticks.


> This is not "production ready" and I am not even making my dear wife a candidate to try this out, on her computer I switch off all desktop search functions.
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