O. Sinclair o.sinclair at
Sat Dec 17 05:50:25 UTC 2011

This is, for starters, not a rant. I have little use for the whole 
concept of the semantic desktop but I do get the possible advantages of 
it. Once it works.

At this moment however it seems lost. I open "find" in Dolpin and search 
for "current" as in "current state" or whatever and get x number of mp3 
files and such that has nothing at all to do with current. Have no idea 
where Strigi and friends pick up "current" from Swedish band Kent and 
their songs from the album "Röd" (red).

The other main complaint: why the constant reindexing? I just found 
Nepomukindexer chewing 25% CPU indexing pdf files in a folder I have 
named "manuals". Where I have not changed or even OPENED a file for 
months. And that is despite the indexer claiming to be "done" now and then.

Can anyone please explain how it works and what is the main problem at 
the moment? This is not "production ready" and I am not even making my 
dear wife a candidate to try this out, on her computer I switch off all 
desktop search functions.

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