How To Change Kmail Folder Location

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On Wed, 14 Dec 2011 21:46:06 +0100
Swapnil Bhartiya <swapnil.bhartiya at> wrote:

SB> I have recently started using KDE and have two questions which I
SB> will  ask separately. I have been using Thunderbird and now want to
SB> try Kmail.  In Thunderbird I can easily change the location of the
SB> folders to mails  are saved in the desired partition and not home so
SB> that I can easily  access it after format or from other OSes on the
SB> system. How do I change  the location of the folder in Kmail?

The method I have used for folders likely to get too big for a
limited-size home directory is to create the folder, then (while kmail
is not running) move the directories to the other partition and create
symlinks in ~/Mail.

One word of warning if you are using Oneiric though: the version of
kmail there is pretty flakey, on my home machine I was forced to switch
to Thunderbird because kmail kept losing messages, or deleted messages
would reappear. (I've not tried 4.7.3 from -proposed to see if it's

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