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Girard Henri girardhenri at
Tue Dec 13 17:00:33 UTC 2011

Le 13/12/2011 13:15, Errol Sapir a écrit :
> I have had a microphone/sound problem with Kubuntu while trying to use 
> Skype since version Nattty. I thought that by upgrading to Oneiric the 
> problem would be solved but that wasn't what happened. I cannot use 
> the microphone in Skype. The loudspeakers work, i.e. I hear but cannot 
> speak to anyone, not even does the test microphone work. On the same 
> computer my dual-booted Windows 7 works flawlessly.
> I have (in the past) removed pulse-sound, tried working without it, 
> added it again and tried many workarounds to no avail. Any solution 
> will be appreciated.
> Errol
I had the same problem ... I lost of lot of time finding what it was !
I don't know if it the same for you, but in case :
click on speaker icon
then look on tab in for your micro and check it's on right option :)
for me it was installed on front but I am using rear, changing front 
with rear everything went ok !!!
I can tell you i spend a lot of time to find this out !!! But i had 
formerly a pc working with front so i checked and it was it !
So maybe you have the same problem ?
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