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Tue Dec 13 14:14:45 UTC 2011

I decide uninstall the KDE (plasma) desktop on my netbook. The akonadi and
nepomuk causes battery poor life.

Before this, I try uninstall only kdepim, but all kde are mn arked to

If one day on a future the kde team privide a clean and rational release,
or a release WITHOUT nepomuk and akonadi, I become to use again!

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> On 12/12/11 22:15, Bruce Marshall wrote:
>> On Monday, December 12, 2011 19:36:16 Mark Greenwood wrote:
>>> That's great and I'm glad somebody is looking at it, but from my point of
>>> view this is KDE 4.7.. the important part of that is SEVEN… we're coming
>>> up
>>> to what, 2 years and 7 major releases since KDE 4.0 and this stuff still
>>> doesn't work. Why is it even in there at all?
>>> Whoever's behind KDE needs to take a big deep breath and realise that
>>> people
>>> try to use their software as a part of their lives. Including components
>>> which aren't finished and don't work and are a nightmare to configure
>>> (akonadi has been this way since its first release) gives KDE 4 a VERY
>>> bad
>>> reputation. I still think the idea behind nepomuk and strigi is a good
>>> one,
>>> but the implementation of it is nowhere near ready for everyday use. It's
>>> annoying a lot of people and making many switch away from KDE. Perhaps
>>> they
>>> don't care, but I do.
>>> Mark
>> +1 (again)
>> And add to this the disaster they call Kmail2.    And why, almost 2 months
>> after the release of 11.10,  haven't they fix some of the bugs.   1) Find
>> messages  doesn't work,  2)  fill-in of addresses doesn't work.
> both find/search messages and fill-in of addresses work for me, Kubuntu
> 11.10 and kdepim 4.7.3
> Sinclair
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