Adding home folder/trash can to desktop + plea for simplicity

Nils Kassube kassube at
Mon Dec 12 08:57:17 UTC 2011

Neil Winchurst wrote:
> OK. I have now found it, but it is no use to me. When I enabled it I
> expected the icons already set up to remain, like in KDE3, but they
> all disappeared.

That's right - wasn't that one of the points which created this thread 
in the first place?

> This would mean having to recreate all my icons on
> each desktop.

Or recreate all icons only once in a folder view widget. To show how it 
might look like, I attached a picture of 4 desktops with different 
background which was actually made from 4 screen shots of the various 

First I enabled the "Different widgets for each desktop" option. Then I 
changed the background for each desktop to an individual color. Next I 
added a folder view widget to each desktop which all pointed to the same 
directory (~/Desktop). In the folder view of one of the desktops I 
created the icons and they were of course visible on all 4 desktops. 

> As I have already said previously, why couldn't the developers leave
> things as they were?

I think it's called "progress". Whether that kind of progress is good or 
bad is debatable and probably depends on personal preferences.

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