Handing off one IP address from wireless to LAN and back

stencil stencil.sends at verizon.net
Thu Dec 8 16:54:13 UTC 2011

On Thu, 08 Dec 2011 12:00:30 +0000, Nils Kassube 
wrote in kubuntu-users Digest, Vol 83, Issue 9:

>> [ ... ] I changed the password
>> on the wireless router and things fell apart.  Now:
>>   --  at bootup it is necessary to provide the WEP password
>> via a dialogue box labeled "Secret" that pops up as soon as
>> the desktop stabilizes;  and
>[ ... ] make
>sure that you don't have to enter the password after bootup to avoid the
>pop-up asking for the secret. Not sure how to do that ...

Nor do I, which prompted the original post.  I guess the key
issue is that google will not yield to me a list of those
files written into by Network Manager (or its emulators) and
those files' default configurations, nor can I find a
coherent description (scripts read, files written) of the
startup sequence for the network interfaces.

The WEP-PSA thing is a red herring;  here in the rural (US)
Berkshire hills, wardriving and the like are not a concern.
The system of swapping one IP from cable to wireless worked
satisfactorily, with auto login to the router, through three
previous password changes, two of which were under the
Maverick regime.  
>Another option would be to use WICD instead of network-manager - and if
>you try it, don't forget to purge network-manager. Otherwise both
>network-manager and WICD fight to control the wireless interface and
>nothing works.   

Sounds like the thing to do.  I'll give it a lick this

gds,  stencil

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