language-pack-sv dependcies problem

Jonas Norlander jonorland at
Sun Dec 4 11:03:24 UTC 2011


Just want to share this so others don't get into same problems as I did.

I had some problem with a recent upgrade of language-pack-sv. Version
1:11.10+20111121 have dependencie problems and for some reason muon
removed all language-pack-* kde-l10-* package from my system.
This caused a lot of problems browsing folders and files with non
ASCII character, Muon crashing when trying to install package again,
non translated programs and strange behavior. When booting into
recovery mode, friendly-recovery would not start complaining about non
tty or something. Eventually I manage to install previous version of
langauage-pack-sv with "apt-get install
language-pack-sv=1:11.10+20111006" and could then install the rest of
the language package and it now looks like my problems is solved.

/ Jonas

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