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Sat Aug 13 12:52:46 UTC 2011

Good Morning,
Here is another way to get more vertical screen space:
Move the system tray to a panel on the bottom or a side.  Click the 
half-moon shaped widget and select "more settings".  Unlock the widgets. 
Select "Auto Hide" and "Windows Can Cover". The system tray will only 
take up space when the mouse pointer touches the edge of the screen 
where the tray in installed. I keep eight desktops (each for a different 
purpose) and a lot of programs open a once so the disappearing tray can 
take up a lot of space if it were installed in the panel that has all of 
the other widgets; this get them out of the way and still instantly 
accessible.  Try it, you will like it -- maybe; if you don't, it can be 
easily undone.  Have fun with the adventure.



On 08/12/2011 03:25 PM, Paul Kaplan wrote:
> click on the little half-moon icon on the far right and you'll get 
> some simple config options including "Screen Edge".  Click on that 
> text and drag.
> If you are using multiple monitors add a new panel to the monitor 
> where you want the panel to reside and then move to the relevant edge.
> Paul
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>   Good afternoon,
> I just installed Kubuntu 11.04 and everything is great so far.
> I want to move the task bar/panel at the bottom of the screen
> to the right hand side of the screen to get more vertical space
> for terminals. While I could easily do that in KDE 3.x I'm having
> trouble finding a way to do that in Kubuntu 11.04. I know
> this is a simple question so I apologize for the distraction.
> Thanks!
> Jeff
> P.S. Thanks for Kubuntu! (I tried the Unity desktop and I couldn't
> erase it fast enough. Thank goodness for KDE and Kubuntu).
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