Moving task bar and panel

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Fri Aug 12 19:25:06 UTC 2011

click on the little half-moon icon on the far right and you'll get some simple config options including "Screen Edge". Click on that text and drag. 

If you are using multiple monitors add a new panel to the monitor where you want the panel to reside and then move to the relevant edge. 

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Good afternoon, 

I just installed Kubuntu 11.04 and everything is great so far. 
I want to move the task bar/panel at the bottom of the screen 
to the right hand side of the screen to get more vertical space 
for terminals. While I could easily do that in KDE 3.x I'm having 
trouble finding a way to do that in Kubuntu 11.04. I know 
this is a simple question so I apologize for the distraction. 



P.S. Thanks for Kubuntu! (I tried the Unity desktop and I couldn't 
erase it fast enough. Thank goodness for KDE and Kubuntu). 

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