Opening http links in Firefox

Chris Luck chris at
Wed Aug 3 17:46:18 UTC 2011

Nigel Ridley wrote:
> For just now I will have to just copy and paste links into an open
> browser.....

I was equally disheartened (on Kubuntu 10.10 using TB5 from the Mozilla
ppa), having gone through the preliminaries as you've described plus the
howto's on the Mozilla site, but despair not - there's a couple more
settings to play with!

Go to System Settings->File Associations

1) Enter 'html' in the search box.

In 'Known Types' I see -


2) Highlight the 'xhtml+xml' entry.

3) The application you wish to use should be at the top of the list in
'Application Preference Order'.  If you find a Firefox entry in the list
go to ->Edit->Application to see where it is pointing to for the
executable.  In my case I'm using the Mozilla ppa and the command line
is simply set to 'firefox %u'.  To use a specific executable click the
browse button to navigate to the location.  If a Firefox entry does not
exist click the add button to create one then set the command line.
Once that's done set it to the top of the list.

4) Highlight the 'html' entry in 'Known Types' and repeat step 3)

There's probably a simple console command to do it all but we'll have to
wait for the command-line guru's to drop by for more info on that.

Behaviour when file associations are set -
FF Closed:       TB opens FF and brings it to the front.
FF Minimized:    TB restores/maximizes FF and brings it to the front.
FF Un-minimized: TB leaves FF in background while it loads the URL.

Chris Luck

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