Natty problem with console video

Bruce Marshall bmarsh at
Thu Apr 28 01:33:57 UTC 2011

On Wednesday, April 27, 2011, Bruce Marshall wrote:
> I have those set, and grub is not the problem.   If I let grub use it's gfx 
> mode, I do not get any msgs at all nor do I get the splash screen.
> So I normally remove 'splash'  and 'quiet' so I can get the msgs...  and 
> normal was just an attempt to force a reasonable console mode.
> And it would be my guess that  CTL-ALT-BkSpc  doesn't work anymore.  It 
> nothing when I try it.
> The problem remains.

Definitely a bug there......

If I boot the recovery system (single)   and then 'drop to a root shell', the 
console is fine.

But even booting the recovery and asking to 'run in failsafe graphic mode'  
will not provide a working console mode.    Once the terminal is placed into 
any graphic mode,  it will not work as a real console.

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