If ubuntu wanted to really help themselves

Clay Weber claydoh at claydoh.com
Sun Apr 3 23:37:36 UTC 2011

On Sunday, April 03, 2011 07:04:38 PM Bruce Marshall wrote:
> they should really look for a better bug tracker than Launchpad.
> I know, if you reported 1 bug a week, you might get used to it.
> But I REFUSE to spend the time with this complex process to re-learn it
> every 6 months.
> I've rather spend the time looking for work-arounds.  Much more productive.
A way to mitigate the pain is to try this:

$ ubuntu-bug dolphin
or whatever app is the subject. If  unsure, just use 'linux'


The wizard will udsually fill in the blanks for you package-name wise, etc. as 
it walks you through it; for example in my example using dolphin, it selects 
the package 'kdebae' if you look in the details section. It isn't perfect, but 
it sure makes it about on par with other bug trackers I have used.

But if it is application-related, ie not something specific to ubuntu/kubuntu 
you might consider reporting directly to kde from the program's Help menu. It 
also walks you through things a bit on their tracker.

Clay Weber

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