is 64 bit ready for primetime yet?

Neil Winchurst barnaby at
Mon Apr 4 07:50:38 UTC 2011

Tom Bell wrote:
> What Clay Weber said is quite accurate. I have been running Kubuntu 64-bit
> for some years now with no problem. Some few programs are not designed for
> 64-bit, however, you can still run 32-bit programs. I have no problem
> running either type on my 8GB ram machine at least 5 years I can recall
> for sure.
> Good luck!
> Tom

I have recently installed Linux Mint 10 KDE 64 bit on my new computer. 
I too thought that it would also run 32 bit programs. Well, that is if 
you can get them installed.

I downloaded the 32 bit version of Realplayer, the .deb version. When 
I tried to install it I got an error message that it was the wrong 

So I will have to wait for the 64 bit version to be ready. Of course, 
there may be other ways to install the 32 bit version, but for the 
moment I won't bother. I have other programs which will do the job.


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