Graphics configuration to configure a static address for my wired connection

Christophe Guilbert cguilbert at
Thu Sep 30 20:12:01 UTC 2010

One of the first things I do after installing a distro is give the 
network a static address (to fit nicely in my network). When starting 
the Knetwork configuration manager I was looking for my wired connection 
– and it just was not there! Using the graphics configuration to 
configure a static address for my wired connection is simply impossible.
Googling this issues shows that the bug has been addressed but never 
corrected. I could not see any alternative to setup a static IP in the 
kubuntu documentation

Sure I can use a terminal and change the setting by myself. To tell you 
the truth it could just turn away people from using KDE.
This is a basic thing you should be able to do without googling it, like 
we use to do under KDE3.
I spent more than 10 years with KDE, I did convert more than 20 people 
to use linux/kde as their only OS. I am really thinking of moving to a 
different desktop now.
KDE4 is just a beautiful (if not the most beautiful desktop out there), 
but for me , functionality prime over beauty . it is totally useless if 
you constantly need to google to do things that are as basic as setting 
a static IP address. why this problem has not been corrected since 
kubuntu 10.04 came out ?

Maybe I miss something here , do you know how to do it under knetwork 
(which is the network manager installed by default)

Thanks for any help.


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