Problem with KPackageKit update

Gil Gibbons gilgib1 at
Fri Sep 17 14:16:45 BST 2010

On 09/17/2010 09:13 AM, schrod at wrote:
> Dear all,
> I recently installed Kubuntu on my work computer, which sits behind a
> proxy server. I set the proxy settings in the system settings/network
> as well as in the .bashrc and it seems to work (ping in the terminal
> and web browsing via konqueror).
> However I have a severe problem. When I want to install new packages,
> KPackageKit does not find anything. I thus want to refresh my
> repositories. I go to settings -->  edit software sourses and
> uncheck/recheck one of the repositories. When I close the window, it
> tells me I have to reload. I confirm and it starts downloading.
> The problem: it always stops at 25% (or sometimes 27% or 28%),
> independent of which repositories are checked!?
> What can I do?
> I tried to sudo apt-get update from the terminal, but it complains it
> can't connect to the server. However if i ping the server, I get a
> response.
> Thanks for any advice, as I am pretty unfamiliar with ubuntu/kubuntu.
> Nikolas
Kpackagekit is not that good install synaptic ( go to terminal and type 
"sudo apt-get install synaptic"
without the quotes

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