Laggy 10.04 (Was: Re: ssh logins on 10.04)

gene heskett gheskett at
Tue Sep 7 16:59:12 BST 2010

On Tuesday, September 07, 2010 11:31:50 am Reinhold Rumberger did opine:

> On Tuesday 07 September 2010, gene heskett wrote:
> > This 10.04 system TBT, is awful laggy, even from its own keyboard.
> > 
> >  I think the next item to install is htop & figure out whats
> > 
> > hogging the cpu. 6.06 never suffered from this.  Humm, htop shows
> > nothing.  The lags is as if the multi-tasking context switch is 2
> > seconds or so.  And htop says nothing is hogging the system, but
> > it is 12 megs into swap sitting overnight.  6.06 was never into
> > swap.
> Apart from the obvious (getting a list of running processes and
> looking for anything superfluous): is kdm running?
It shouldn't be the default is gnome with the LTS version.

> Also, you should note that since 10.04 uses upstart, you're going to
> have to edit the files in /etc/init (no, not /etc/init.d) by hand to
> stop the services from starting every boot.

Wasn't aware of that, thanks.

> Just to make things more
> fun, there are still quite a few apps that use the old Sys-V init
> style.
Can we look and see something that will define which is which?

> You might also want to check whether /tmp is on the disk or using
> some RAM fs.

Fresh install, sb on /, looks like it is.  I did a swapoff -a, then a swapon 
-a, that that helped I believe.

> Having it in RAM works quite well for desktop machines
> that only run a day or so. On a server, it will tend to fill up force
> the use of swap.
> BTW, if you find any apps that turn out to be major resource hogs,
> feel free to post them here, as I'm sure I wouldn't be the only one
> glad for a little pointer (I'll likely do my first proper install
> since 8.04 in a few months and would be glad for a list of things to
> watch out for).
>   --Reinhold
The next problem goes back to the EMC list, Its running

But the rtapi module cannot be found. so all of emc is out of commission.

Thanks Reinhold, now I'm back to swearing at a few gallons of Olympic Wood 
protector, trying to get it to jump out of the can, into an HVLP sprayer 
and thence onto a large quantity of native poplar I stacked up to look like  
a shadowbox style privacy fence after a 112mph wind took ours into the next 
drainage on June 24th.  Temps not to bad when I started about 9ish, but at 
noon the temps are looking to exceed the 85F they predicted for today.

Cheers, Gene
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