Broken dependencies

claydoh at claydoh at
Tue Sep 7 01:53:26 BST 2010

> Since KDEuBlog stopped authenticating, I've been trying to find a new,
> good twitter client for my desktop. So, in the search for this, I've
> searched the web, installed and uninstalled a few (didn't like most of
> them, by the way) but, the last time I removed one of these programs (I
> guess it was GTwitter), I got an error message.
> It said: "There are broken dependencies on your system. Please use an
> advanced package manager e. g. Synaptic or aptitude to resolve this
> situation." Don't I have a software manager already?
> Since that've happened, I can't update or install anything without
> getting that same message. If anyone could help me solve this, I
> appreciate it.
> Thaks,
> Helder Terra
> --

Did you install all the packages via the package manager, or did you
download random deb files? This could cause a breakage if you did so.

Any recent ppa additions would be good to list in case one of these is the

You will need to try installing the program from the command-line to see
the full error message:

sudo apt-get update
and then
sudo apt-get dist-upgrade
this will make sure your package list is up to date
Then try to fix the problem using this:
sudo apt-get -f install

It should also tell at some point you what package is broken. You can
paste the error message here and we can see what needs to be done next.
the 'apt-get -f install' might fix the problem for you, but if not you
will still have good messages to post here and we can take it from there

(and have you install a better package manager like synaptic or Muon :))


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