Skype test loopback pitch low problem - mixer adjust no effect, KUbuntu 10.04 ; or kubuntu

giovanni_re john_re at
Sun Sep 5 23:18:27 BST 2010

On Sun, 5 Sep 2010 10:58:07 +0200, "Reinhold Rumberger"
<rrumberger at> said:
> You're still hopeful after his claim that Skype alters his voice's 
> pitch? I'd normally suggest he uncheck that stupid skype feature that 
> messes with your audio settings, but seeing as that can't possibly 
> change pitch...
> Oh, well, guess I shouldn't give up hope just yet.

I tried both checked & unchecked for 
Skype > Main Menu > Options > Sound Devices >
"Allow skype to automatically adjust my mixer levels".

It had no effect on the very low pitch problem.

The low pitch modification is also hard to comprehend.  I can tell the
rate is 1-1 time wise, because I know what I said.  But, someone else
would hear very low speech sounds but the words would be hard to

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