KOrganizer calendar flickering overlapping events. KOrganizer 4.4.2 in KUbuntu 10.04; jor

giovanni_re john_re at fastmail.us
Thu Sep 2 23:49:09 BST 2010

It seems that the event layout system is not properly aligning the

Some events are aligned on a 1/4 width spacing, & some are on a 1/3

Two of the middle 1/3 events are overlapping one of the 3/4 laidout

These events flicker back & forth in the display, about 5 times per

I have this occuring on my calendar for today, & I've seen this occur
some months ago, also.

Could some developer try to add multiple events on a day, & see if they
get this overlapping layout, resulting in flicker?

Some of my events where the flicker occurs were added as:
1) repeating event, & 
2) one time, non repeating.

This continues occuring even if:
1) I change my display from "week" (7 days showing) to only 1 "day". -
Point: it is not due to limited screen area:  in the "day" display, the
calendar items are several hundred pixels wide.

2) I exit & restart the program.

While the window is "not minimized", ie either on screen, or even
totally covered by another window, korganizer uses about 25% of one core
of a 4 core system, shown by "top".

I'm sending this email to two lists: KUbuntu users, & KDE general.  If
there is a more appropriate list, where the korganizer developers might
see this, please let me know.

I doubt I can afford time to file a bug on this, since I'm too busy.  I
could maybe provide some more specifics in regard to specific email
questions.  Please file a bug if this hasn't been fixed (on both KUbuntu
& KDE bug trackers?), & you can file the bug. Thanks.

I'm hoping this note to the KDE & KUbuntu communities might alert a
capable developer who could move this bug some steps toward progress fix

Thanks. :)

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