Question re sata cables

Doug dmcgarrett at
Wed Oct 6 21:51:53 BST 2010

On 10/6/2010 11:47 AM, David Fletcher wrote:
> On Wednesday 06 Oct 2010, Basil Chupin wrote:
>> *NO*! You are joking of course? Say you are...please say yes :-) . Of
>> course you're one of Ric's gang, aren't you? :-) .
>> A brush with natural bristles like horse hair but not with artificial
>> bristles to clean up some of the accumulated gunk and then some blowing
>> with CANNED air - but NOT a 90psi air hose! (unless you use it from a
>> safe distance like 4 feet or so away) - would get the job done. You will
>> need to remove any fans (except those in the PSU) and give them a good
>> clean with the brush/canned air (possibly even disassemble them and
>> grease/oil the spindles?).
> I _always_ use an air line to blow the muck out of the heat sinks. Why buy
> silly little cans of air at great expense when I've got a nice big air can
> that pressurises itself for a couple of pennies worth of electricity?
> I don't open the regulator out to 90psi though, probably more like 40 or 50,
> and I hold the fans still before blasting air through them.
> Everything always continues to work for me after doing this.
> BTW I didn't know it was possible to dismantle computer fans.
> Dave
A friend of mine did it regularly to restore them to functioning.
Me, I think it's just cheaper to buy a new fan, one with ball bearings.

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