Question re sata cables

Basil Chupin blchupin at
Wed Oct 6 06:18:55 BST 2010

On 06/10/2010 15:23, gene heskett wrote:

> Cables generally come with drives, so I do have some spares.  I'll see how
> my knee feels about crawling under the desk tomorrow.  I have one that
> isn't too enthusiastic about such activities

Know how you feel. Which is why I have the computer sitting on a Laminex 
covered board which makes it very easy to slide the computer from under 
the desk (the floor is carpeted) or, as I did for a friend, whose floor 
is simply polished, I put the computer on an old towel. The only 
crawling I need to do is to disconnect/reconnect the cables but all the 
work is done with the computer sitting on the breakfast bench in the 


> Looking at the new ones I just pulled out of the plastic bag, I am not
> convinced the gold flashing on the contact wires is good for more than a
> couple of plug/unplug cycles, no color to speak of.  What a cheap connector
> those things are.

I have never been impressed with this "gold" plated stuff. What's UNDER 
the "gold" plate?

The following comment probably does not apply nowadays but years ago a 
brand of 80-wire cables went on sale - and people started to experience 
strange problems with their HDs and data.....

Reason? The cables were too long (they were marketed as providing you 
with more cable length to make it easier to connect the bits to the 
mobo). At that length the cables caused what I think was called "bounce" 
or "echo" or some such. Normal cables were designed to be only so long 
as to not cause distortion to the signal to/from the HD but these cables 
were too long (only by about 25mm I think).


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