Missing link for handling .swf streams (radio, video)

Bas Roufs basroufs at gmail.com
Tue Nov 30 14:40:10 GMT 2010

Dear Everybody

When working with Kubuntu 10.04 or 9.10 I did manage to work with .swf
radio and video streams. But ever since I upgraded to Kubuntu Maverick
(10.10), there is some missing link;so far, I do not manage to find
out how to fix the problem. This page contains 2 typical examples of
.swf streams I have troubles with:
By configuring "MediaplayerConnectivity" inside Firefox, I have
instructed the system to open the .swf streams with one of the
mediaplayers I have installed: Amarok, Kaffeine, VLC, Gnome MPlayer,
GXINE and XINE. None of them seams to be able to recognise and handle
.swf-streams: not the radio streams at the left side of that page,
also not the video streams on the right hand side.Feed-back from the
package "Kaffeine" clearly reveals the nature of the missing link.
When going to http://www.radio1.nl/terugluisteren/tijd, I try to
listen to some radio archive by choosing at the left side a day
('dag') and hour ('uur') and pressing the button LISTEN ("Luister").
Kaffeine delivers in that case the following feedback:
Cannot find demux plugin for MRL
When trying the video stream at the right hand side of the page, I get
this feedback:
Cannot find demux plugin for MRL
Feedback from most of the other media players is similar. But when
trying "Amarok", I get a feedback like this:
"Playing http://www.radio1.nl/pbplayer/flash/pbplayer.swf". However, I
do not hear any sound, even not in the case of the radio stream.

There is NO general multimedia or sound problem at my system, which is
able to handle several other video and audio formats. It is this
specific .swf format I am having troubles with. Does anyone have a
clue how to fix this problem?

Thanks for replying, respectfully yours,


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