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Thu Nov 25 16:06:50 GMT 2010

On Thursday, November 25, 2010 6:57:46 am Bill vance wrote:
> Howdy folks;
> Well, what with the library being closed on the 23rd, and the email
> from all the lists I'm subbed
> to pileing up without me dealling with it, I gave up, and installed
> 10.04.  I guess that's Lucid
> Lunatic or some such.  Who comes up with all these silly assed names
> anyway?
> So anyhow, I installed Ubuntu to get a working pulseaudio, only it don't
> work.
> I also tried to get the kde files, too, but that isn't starting up either.
> Anyone know what the essential files are for these?

pauvcontrol and I don't know why it is not automatically installed with 
pulseaudio.  It shows you things which may be muted and allows you to easily 
make changes.  I upgraded from 8.04 to 10.04 and the notes stated that only 
Ubuntu would upgrade properly so I used it to upgrade although it is not ever 
used.  I did get sound to work after alot of fiddling but pauvcontol really 
helped with the setup of all my subsequent installs!

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