Monitor refresh issue

Bruce Marshall bmarsh at
Tue Nov 23 18:19:30 GMT 2010

On Tuesday, November 23, 2010, Pastor JW wrote:
> Not a fan at all of "fresh install" types of upgrading as you do lose your 
> working setup.  One of our people had a problem much like that when he
> tried  the windoze way and did a fresh install of 10.04.  We never found
> out what caused it so reinstalled the 1525n 8.04 backup we have and then
> upgraded that directly to 10.04.  Net result is that everything now works
> perfectly and he has sworn to NEVER fresh install again!!  Windoze habits
> are hard to break!

OTOH  I once did an upgrade from  one release of kubuntu to the next and ended 
up with a totally inoperable system.

Thus, I have *always* done fresh installs ever since.

To each his own.

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