K-Mail in Kontact @ Kubuntu 10.10: IMAP and Address Book.

Bas. G. Roufs M.A. basroufs at gmail.com
Thu Nov 11 13:56:29 GMT 2010

Dear everybody

Yesterday I upgraded from 10.04 to 10.10. The version of "Kontact" that comes 
with the newest edition of Kubuntu, seems to  function considerably more 
smoothly compared to it's predecessors. Compliments for the software designers 
who must have had a very tough job! 

Notwithstanding the overall progress, there are still a few rough edges to 
deal with. In this mail I deal with two of them:
* how to effectively enable myself to receive mail via "IMAP"?
* how to instruct K-Mail using the address book I have imported?

To begin with the first question: I am trying to configure KMAIL for my GMAIL 
account. I do manage so far to effectively configure the outgoing e-mail: SMTP. 
Also this mail has been sent via KMAIL.  The trial mails I have sent so far 
from K-Mail, did arrive properly. However, checking the INCOMING mail is still 
a problem. This file contains 2 screenshots summarising the problem: 
The first screenshot shows where my attempt stucks to retreive messages via 
"disconnected" IMAP. At 30 or 31%, the process stagnates and the connection 
seems to "time out". 
The 2nd screenshot has been made after configuring a "normal" IMAP account for 
incoming mail. The e-mail check already stagnates in an even earlier stage in 
a so-called "connection time-out".
Two questions in this context:
What exactly is the difference between "disconnected" and "normal" IMAP? So 
far, I did not find anywhere an answer to this question.
Is there anything I can change in the settings in order to enable myself to 
retreive the messages?

Finally, the addressbook issue. The addressbook I have imported in Kontact, is 
being called "Personal contacts". However, when composing this message and 
pressing the button "Select", that specific addressbook is not being mentioned 
in the list of addressbooks. And when selecting the "default" address book, no 
address at all shows up. Is there a way: ....
either to instruct KMAIL to use the "personal addressbook"?
or to define the "personal" addressbook as the "default" one? 

Thanks, respectfully yours,

Bas Roufs. 

Bas G. Roufs M.A.
Van 't Hoffstraat 1
NL-3514 VT  Utrecht
Netherlands, EU
E-mail: BasRoufs at gmail.com
Mobile/SMS: +31 6 446 835 10
Tel. +31 30 785 20 40

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