i need some help

Stephen Newman mad.hatter13 at yahoo.com
Sun Nov 7 17:18:15 GMT 2010

i put in the live cd,screen turns white after i click  "try kubuntu w/o installing", thats why i need someone on the phone 

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can someone in the usa help me with kubuntu 10.04 and trying it without installing it first, i mean i reather talk on a phone as i am doing it so can someone agree to helping me?
If you have a live CD you just put it in the drive and boot up your computer. A live CD will let you look at Kubuntu without installing it. It then gives you an option to install it if you want.

When asking for help in a list like this, it's better to use an informative subject instead of I need help. Your subject requires that someone open your email in order to find out what the problems. My guess is that not everyone will do that so you miss out on people who might be able to help you. When I get mail from this list I look at the subject. If the subject is one that interest me or is one I might be able to help someone with, I read it. If not, I don't read it.

Eric Jackson 

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