CD/DVD reading problem

Helder Terra at
Wed Nov 3 23:43:06 GMT 2010

  Perry, what you said also shows why other CDs (burned with Nero or 
similar recording software), which aren't "closed" when finished 
burning, present the same problem in Kubuntu, while commercial CDs and 
"closed" ones don't.

I'll try it both ways (on a K3b closed recording and a Nero one too) and 
answer you back about it. Even if the bug continues

Thanks a lot.

Best regards,

Helder Terra

Em 03-11-2010 18:20, Perry escreveu:
> On Karmic I had something similar, it recognised empty CD and could read
> commercial or recorded CD from another origin, and the CD it burned could be
> read by XP, but it failed to detect the CDs it had just burned.
> *When I instructed K3b to "close" the writing on the CD (is it "terminate" or
> some other word?), then Karmic recognized it.*
> The above is not a cure since it should be possible to to access an
> "unfinished" media, but it may hint at where the problem resides.
> I will follow this thread with interest.
> Cheers

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