re How best to activate a mobile internet modem/ SIM card

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Tue May 25 05:42:10 UTC 2010

On Mon, May 17, 2010 at 1:21 AM, Eric Lee Elliott <linux at> wrote:
>  >At present, I am trying to activate a mobile internet modem and SIM
>  >card at my netbook: Asus 1001HA together with Kubuntu Karmic. For LAN
>  >and WLAN, I am using now WICD, with which I have better experience
>  >than KNetworkmanager. However, WICD does not work with my mobile
>  >broadband internet modem + SIM-card. The mobile internet modem is a
>  >"HUAEI Model E1820 HSPA+ USB Slider".
>  >I am looking for one or more software package(s) which I could use
>  >next to or in addition to WICD.
>  >Does "KPPP" have relevance in this context? If so, how to use that
>  >package?
> Bas,
> Your 3G modem is not WIFI, it can not be configured by Knetworkmanager
> using Wireless tab.
> Open configuration screen of Knetworkmanager.  Delete entries in
> Wireless tab.  Select Mobile Broadband tab.  Select add. Select GSM.
> Ignore what you were told about configuring for use in US of A, use your
> local carrier's configuration in "Add Network Connection" box.  Voda is
> your carrier?  I know 0 of Voda.
> In US of A, I enter *99#, & prefer 3G, that is my whole
> configuration.  Entering more might cause troubles.  Authentication here
> is in hardware, not any UID or PWD I can enter.  Voda my differ.
> kppp worked in Kubu 8 thru 10.04 with several SIM bearing modems
> including model you have.  Kubu 9 & 10 work with Knetworkmanager &
> several SIM bearing modems.
> Eric
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Can you help me as I have a HUAWEI e169 HSDPA usb stick, and want
to connect to the net using Kubuntu 8.04, but not sure how to
configure Kppp? as I am using dialup at moment thru kppp, can
you help me? the stick is DoDo mobile wireless broadband-
activation code PFFT E93YCC ZRCS/ control number 416258 with customer
no 335d1

PS sorry I caught you within the forum, but sending to you direct OK

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