Cannot set second screen beside first screen

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There should be a function key on the keyboard, ussualy in another color and met to the space bar, and one of the f keys, usually f2 or f3 with a monitor icon of the same color.  Pressing the button key in conjuction with the f key should alternate video outputs: laptop screen only, monitor only and atop plus monitor.

Hope this helps.
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Date: Sun, 23 May 2010 15:24:17 
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Subject: Re: Cannot set second screen beside first screen

>> I believe your problem is originating from hardware setting in your
>> laptop.
> Thank you Carter, why do you believe that?
>Because with all my experience working on my laptop, whenever I subject it to connect to a VGA display the internal hardware automatically powers off the on-board display. Making the VGA monitor it's default display device.
>> Although it may be possible i do not know how. But I think
>> your hardware is preventing the displays from setting up correctly.
>> This is only a theory.
> How would I test your theory?
> To be honest I would not know where to start on this. I do not currently have access to my laptop to attempt any theories.
>> I would recommend still waiting for a more
>> experienced user to respond for I do not have any experience with
>> setting up a duel display on a laptop.
> Then what experience does prompt the hardware-problem theory?
> Anyone who has tried and or succeed in getting a duel display between an internal display and a VGA monitor.
 With regards and best luck,

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