Search doesn't work

Clay Weber claydoh at
Sat May 22 13:15:59 UTC 2010

On Saturday, May 22, 2010 08:35:59 am cherryfinals wrote:
> Search in Dolphin never finds anything.
> After a clean (from CD) install of the latest 10.4 Kubuntu, and 
> DAYS for strigi/nepomuk to index my system, I get nothing in any 
> I've tried the Kubuntu forums and there seem to be a lot of 
> about strigi/nepomuk and I've yet to see where it provides 
anything that
> wasn't available before they installed it.  Any idea on how I can 
> remove strig and nepomuk and install whatever indexing and 
search routines
> were used in KDE3x? It pains me to say it, but the last stable and
> functioning version of Kubuntu I used was 8.04. 9.04 was a total 
waste of
> a CD and 9.10 was only marginally better. I had held out great 
hopes for
> 10.4 since it is an LTS release. Stan

While I am just beginning to play with the nepomuk search, I noted it 
was taking a huge amount of time to finish indexing my 7 year old 
laptop as it would temporarily stop the process when I was doing any 
intensive work.  Which is just about anything these days on the 'ole  
horse :) On the few searches I have done - mostly for image files, the 
search is much faster, by a significant amount. I am next planning to 
copy over all my old text docs from my desktop and see how  
searching by content works

You can easily turn off nepomuk/strigi in System Settings, and use 
the kfind search tool - it is not in the kickoff menu, but can still be 
run from the search bar, or krunner, or from the Tools menu in 
Dolphin (Ctrl-F)


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